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99paper.com is an online service for writing content. They focus on academic writing (essay, research paper, term paper, case study, Dissertation & coursework...etc) but also serve all thing about writing (rewriting, review, Math/Statistics/Finance problems, Company manual, Proofreading).

They have 4.5 stars on trustpilot.com and have fast services.

 Simple steps:

  1. Fill the form, and submit it.
  2. Discuss it with the expert writer.
  3. Receive and check your paper, then download it.

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Fiverr is a famous freelancer website. I think Fiverr is the biggest one in the earth. They have not only writing service but also have lots of services in different categories. There are lots of freelancers on the site, you can contact them anytime. Meanwhile, it is important to choose the good one to finish your works. It may take some time. On the other words, it is not easy to know the quality of freelancers for the new buyers.

They have 4 stars on trustpilot.com because most of the people love the service of Fiverr, but some of the people think Fiverr's quality is not always good enough.

 Simple steps:

  1. Find a freelancer and see the review of other customers in your category.
  2. Contact the freelancer and discuss your works.
  3. Make an order and fill the form
  4. Receive the order and check it.

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Hirewriters.com is an online writing service website. In our opinion, the quality of articles I ordered was not reaching very high, but they were acceptable. Most importantly, their price of writing service in whole internet is really low. We prefer to find the level of writers who are skilled and expert. It is higher cost (still low) but higher quality.

You can order:

  • New article
  • Rewritten article
  • Facebook Fan page post
  • Data entry
  • Transcription
  • Poetry
  • eBook

Simple steps

  1. Free sign up
  2. If you want to order, deposit first
  3. make orders
  4. Receive the article and check them, then download it

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Upwork.com is the freelancer website, you can find lots of outsourcing works including writing. Honestly, Upwork is not low price but you can know who you are working together. Upwork has strict rules for the freelancers for keeping their quality and satisfying the customers.

They have 4.5 stars on trustpilot.com, most people love their services.

Simple steps:

  1. Find a freelancer and see the description and reviews of other customers in your category.
  2. Contact the freelancer and discuss your works.
  3. Hire the freelancer to finish your work.
  4. Receive the order and check it.

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