How to Write a Blog? We provider 5 ways for creators!

how to write a blog

How to write a blog?

Written content will always remain to be KING in the digital world. Whether you are a business owner, blogger, digital marketer or head of content creation for a certain company, understanding the process of creating written content and how to write a blog is vital. To bring in traffic to your site, you are going to write content or outsource it. To some, this can be challenging and it's why we are going to show you how to write a blog as an easy process.


Quotes play an essential role in our lives. They keep us going and brace our minds for the challenges we might face later on. One of the easiest ways to create content is by coming up with a collection of quotes. A good example is writing on motivational quotes. Feel free to tell your audience which are your favorite quotes and an interpretation of each.


Another popular type of blog posts are roundups. Modern-day internet users are quite inquisitive and nothing brings them joy more than reading extensive information about a certain topic in one blog. On the other hand, as content creators, with roundups, all you have to do is describe each item and no need to come up with original content.

If you are interested in writing about roundups, here is the process you can follow.

  1. You will have to choose a unique topic.
  2. Research for content related to the topic. It could be a video, image or article. The source doesn’t matter provided the information is relevant.
  3. When coming up with the article, link it to the different descriptions. Doing this not only makes your article informative but every link used helps draw traffic to your site.

With that being said, Roundup posts require average research skills and utmost accuracy. Unlike other types of articles, with this, you don’t have to conduct thorough research. All you have to do is describe something with your own words.


Interviews are categorized as excellent content mostly because they are interesting and can help boost your blog's search engine rankings. With interviews, you will need to come up with a series of questions and get answers from the interview.

Although interviews might sound like the easiest written content to generate, they require a lot of determination from the side of the blogger. You need to identify a topic in your industry. Proceed to look for a renowned person in that industry to answer your questions. Getting an interviewee isn't hard cause who doesn't love free publicity? After the questions have been answered, you can share the interview on your blog and wait for traffic to start streaming in.


Re-blogging can be very rewarding. The only problem is that it is quite risky. It entails re-posting another person’s blog on your with their permission. But, posting duplicate content does have severe consequences and that’s why many bloggers refrain from this. Posting excerpts tend to be less risky and beneficial in traffic generation.

Guests Posts

Getting people to write guest posts for you can improve your brand visibility and at the same time increase your rankings. But here's the catch. Convincing people to write guest posts for you is a bit hard. You need to show them why doing so is beneficial to them in one way or another.

Being an industry leader is an advantage because everyone will want to be associated with you. Alternatively, having a website with a reputable domain authority or having lots of followers on social media, you can use this as an incentive to make them understand why they should write guest posts for you.

Writing a blog can seem complicated at first. But when you find the right type of how to write a blog, then things get easier from there. When generating written content, ensure that it is readable, interesting and factual. After a while, you will begin realizing the benefits of generating written content.

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