Don’t buy any course before reading it: Instruction for you

free online marketing course

Is free online marketing course existing or valuable?

Online marketing is a big trend and treasure in any business now. For beginners, they want to learn how to do this from some paid or free online marketing course. Before you purchase anything, We recommend that you must start from FREE to learning something first.

We will show some platforms for you and you can start with those free online marketing courses. Don't overpay any course when you are a beginner.



free online marketing course

YouTube is the second biggest search engine right now. Just search for anything you want to know. YouTube will show you lots of results for you. Some channels provide great value about free online marketing course. Some channels just want to sell their high price course. You must pay attention to them.

After watching the YouTube video. For more advanced training, you must register on their websites. If they tell you: "you have to pay for this course", stop and avoid them. The great and legit free course must provide lots of value first. We collect some features you should avoid them.

  • Webinar type of course
  • sales page type
  • show you money, luxury car or house at the beginning
  • Say online marketing is easy money by them



Udemy is an online teaching platform, over 100 million traffic every month. Lots of people provide free or paid courses on Udemy. Most important thing is that their courses are affordable for everyone, especially beginners. Check the reviews of the course you want first for confirming the quality.


Picked Course by us

myonlinestartup is a free and beginner-friendly course about online marketing. We had checked the value of the course and we think it is worth sharing for people. The course talks about the fundamental marketing mind, strategies, and tools.

It is totally free course, sign up and start learning.


We all know there are lots of similar courses on the internet. Find a really valuable course is the first step. Once you find it, you focus on the course and don't distract from other courses. The truth of online marketing is costly, but we hope you can start with a lower budget and free online marketing course. Build a concept first, then cost money for scaling up your business.

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